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A collection of teaching materials for the benefit of others. Feel free to copy, amend, or make suggestions. I’m constantly reworking my materials.

Advanced ContractsSyllabus: A seminar for advanced level students. Themes: Economic, sociological, philosophical, psychological theories of contract law; Contract drafting–theory and simulations; Formal and informal enforcement.

Law, Economics, And Society: The seminar brings speakers on a variety of topics, which involve economic, sociological, economic, and psychological methodologies to the study of law. List of speakers for 2020.

The ThankYouMater: As you write an article, you add the names of people who helped you, your RAs, and conferences you attended. With a click of a button, you get a sorted list for your star footnote.

Just a small productivity hack. Instructions on how to use the tool. Download Link. If you want to get it working, you need to enable macros:

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