Paradox of Defensive Medicine


Part of my recent work criticizes doctors and hospitals for taking advantage of patients, trying to circumvent liability for accidents by various means. This gets me, as expected, into a lot of arguments. Had my argument only been contested by doctors, that would have been understandable, but non-doctors make arguments that have very much the…
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Preferences and Better Parenting


Kids fight a lot over toys. My twins are no exception. When they do, my partner sometimes try to calm them by announcing “turns” that each kid has with a toy, hoping that after a short while the kid in possession of the toy will lose interest or be willing to relinquish his claim for a…
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Functionalism vs. Sociability


I am rationally minded. And by this I do not mean the self-congratulatory “I am intelligent” sort of claim, but a more technical side of rationalism. One definition of rationality is that means are chosen to fit their ends. This is easier to understand if one thinks of how irrational it is to try to…
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Between Two Wars


*You’re. It’s still funny. There is yet another round of deadly violence in Israel and people are getting very restless. Common to both left right is a call that “something must be done,” which is understandable, although in its abstract form is useless. The Israeli left, as many other “lefts” in the world, usually has…
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The Case for the Citizens Ununited


Part 1. In Which We Tell Jokes In the iconic scene from Life of Brian, various Jewish sects engage in the following (silly) dispute: Brian: Are you the Judean People’s Front? Reg: Fuck off! Brian: What? Reg: Judean People’s Front! We’re The People’s Front of Judea! Judean People’s Front, God! Rogers: Blighters… . . ….
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A Stupid Strategy

Photo by Michiel @ Flickr

I have long wondered why it is OK in our society to be so (at least superficially) concerned with racism, ageism, sexism, lookism, etc. but stupidity is fair game. I have heard a few tentative defenses of this policy (which mostly fall under the meritocracy line of thinking), but none is very satisfying. But this…
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The Happy Poor

Two new posts, one on Econlog and one on Facebook, made me reflect on poverty. The first is a post by (the incredible) Bryan Caplan, who talks about a research showing that people in richer neighborhood are not generally happier and sometimes less happy than people in less affluent neighborhoods.  The second was a long,…
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The Dersh Paradox


Serious allegations of sexual misconduct have been raised against Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz. The type of allegations that can ruin one’s life achievements. By some weird quirk of the legal system, Professor Dershowitz is unable to defend himself against these allegations in a court of law, as he lucidly explains. What caught my eye,…
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The Argument from Expectations Fallacy


A friend ranted to me about the facts of a libel case (Israel). In this case, a Facebook discussion between a PUA and a feminist expectedly heated up. The feminist called the PUA a “low-life” and charitably added that she has no doubt that “throughout his life, he has committed rape.” Serious accusations, no doubt,…
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